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Have You Considered Wedding Dress Alternatives?

Have You Considered Wedding Dress Alternatives?

Image by @tatev.hbc on Instagram 

Increasingly, brides and grooms planning their wedding are putting unique spins on the ceremony and surrounding celebrations to create a bespoke day that speaks to them as individuals and as a couple. But while certain elements of a western wedding day will change or be left out from some nuptials, other elements remain constant and scarcely change. One of these is the bride’s big white dress. 

However, you don’t need to play by the rules if a traditional dress isn’t your thing. Perhaps you could consider a wedding jumpsuit for a bride or even a white bridal suit. Whatever your preference, read on to find out more about wedding dress alternatives.

The wedding dress alternatives

Even those that never wear dresses or aren’t into lacy creations will often opt for a big, white one-wear dress just because it’s the “done” thing. The “proper” thing that you probably should have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. But at NADINE MERABI, we want to change that by creating options for those looking for wedding dress alternatives.

Our bridal collection is not only designed to include unique pieces, but we also want them to speak to would-be brides looking for pieces that glamorously straddle the space between bridalwear and the clothing options that they usually go for. Sure, your wedding day look should be something special and heightened, but that doesn't mean transforming into someone entirely different for what should be the day when you feel most inherently yourself.

The NADINE MERABI bridal collection is packed full of pieces that will prove a welcome alternative for those that are struggling to say “I do” to a meringue-like gown. Instead, we have tailored pieces like our feather-trim MARGOT Blazer. The crepe and satin mix makes for a striking white bridal suit when combined with our MARGOT white pants.

For those looking for something slinkier, whether it be for the whole affair or for when the DJ starts their set, we have plenty of chic party dresses sure to satisfy this demand, each reworking bridal tropes with a MERABI touch and sense of style. If you’re wanting a wedding jumpsuit for a bride, we have plenty of choices that will make you feel more comfortable such as our LUCINDA White jumpsuit featuring our exclusive pearl white shimmer sequins. Perhaps you’d like the bow-backed EMILIEE or the LOUISA, that’s embellished and has a seductive thigh-high split. We have pieces that speak to any woman looking for a dress for this especially important sartorial decision.

But opting for a wedding dress that doesn't conform to the stereotypical big white gown doesn’t only have style payoff. Consider that these pieces will immediately prove so much more than a one-wear item and then they also pick up sustainable credentials. What could be nicer than knowing that the outfit you choose to wear on your wedding day will hold and gain new memories with each wear?

You may style your big day outfit even further for an additionally different look. Try adding in more colorful pieces than a singular ‘something blue’ or even leave the veil in the bridal suite. Our bridal collection is designed to create impact on your special day and to equally be appropriate for you to wear to a wealth of life’s special moments. There truly is no need for an alter ego on your wedding day. Allow us to allow you to find your favorite outfit for your forever favorite day.


newly married couple stood in front of white classic car, the woman has a bouquet of flowers in her hand


Image by @sarah_bartlett / @nataliehamiltonphotography on Instagram 

Shop NADINE MERABI for your wedding dress alternatives

We hope these ideas for wedding dress alternatives have given you some inspiration for a unique bridal look that is suited to your tastes. To find all of these outfits and even more wedding clothing, including outfits for bridesmaidsguests and honeymoon clothing, shop our premium quality range that’s guaranteed to give you the astounding look you’re after 

At NADINE MERABI, we have a wide range of clothing for a variety of needs, including luxurious pajamastops and maternity clothing too. All of our clothing is designed by hand to ensure no matter what you pick from our range, it will be crafted with care.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the first-rate clothing we offer, reach out to us at +1 347 482 0944 or email us at