Krystal Sutherland - August's Power Woman

Krystal Sutherland - August's Power Woman

This month we spoke to Krystal Sutherland; business founder, influencer, mental health advocate, mother and all-round superwoman.  Krystal is the founder of Krystal Clear Makeup and through her online videos, tutorials and incredible content she has helped her near two million followers feel that much better about themselves. 

We chose Krystal to be this month’s MERABI Power Woman because we admire her determination to set up her own company and how she inspires her millions of avid followers of women and girls all over the world to feel beautiful.  Her openness about her mental health journey when becoming a mother is so relatable and her turning this into something that can help so many is incredible.  We spoke to Krystal to find out what inspires her, her motivations and go to her with our own beauty dilemma!  

Q..What made you want to start your account to inspire and encourage so many? 

A..I never imagined I would be in a position to inspire so many, so it was never really a thought when I first started, perhaps more of a hope in the beginning. I started with the sole intent to fulfil my creative expression and do something that would bring myself joy. To fast forward to today and realize that my personal pursuit for my passion now sparks joy in others, is such an incredible and surreal feeling.

Q..How did you get into the beauty community? Was it always your dream to pursue a career in this field? 

A..I have always loved glamour, and all things beauty related, so it’s definitely not surprising that I pursued something of this nature. Experimenting with makeup was something I felt a connection to VERY early on, and it was a connection that I later lost when I had my first child, Owen. My life quickly became focused solely on being a mother, and everything in my life shifted so much that I completely lost myself in that transition. My husband acknowledged that loss and suggested I pursue something that was just going to be for me, no one else! Long story short, he ended up enrolling me in an online makeup artistry class, I graduated after only 6 weeks with an A+ and immediately moved forward in a successful career as a freelance makeup artist. Everything has moved and changed SO quickly since that moment, and so it’s been a real testament as to how one moment can totally change your entire life.

Q..You have created an incredible platform with your work. When you set out on this journey, did you ever expect for it to lead you to where you are today?

A..This is a question that can’t easily be answered. My journey to get to where I am today has included a ridiculous amount of work, determination, sacrifice, quick learning and a self-confidence I never knew I had. I have honestly wanted to quit more times than I can count and while my journey has been one I am extremely proud of, it has been a very lonely and an extremely overwhelming experience most times. What I continue to do, and what I’ve done, has challenged every part of my being, every, single, step of the way. The fact that I’ve made it this far is absolutely mind-blowing and is something I could not express in a simple answer as to how it all came to be. All I know is, I can’t quit now! 


Q..If you could give a few words of advice for someone what would it be?

A..Don’t forget to LOOK AFTER YOU! It’s easy to forget ourselves on a regular day, never mind life in a pandemic! Our new “normal” has us all in a pressure cooker and we won’t be able to manage all of the stress if we run ourselves into the ground.
Taking time to look after your own mental & emotional health will lead to being more in tune with the state of those around you, and therefore we will be better equipped to give those what they need in return ❤️

Q..You can see how well engaged you are with your audience and how this is reciprocated by them, did it take you a while to adjust to having a following and how to approach this?

A..That’s so nice, Thank you! Not really, I feel like I’ve always had a really personal connection with my audience. Which I think is a big reason I am where I am today. I mean, the pandemic has definitely shifted the way I approach my content, because I’m finding people aren’t as focused on Beauty right now, but to be honest, I myself, haven’t put a lot of focus on makeup for a while, and so this shift has only further encouraged me to pursue other types of content and explore other possibilities outside of beauty.

Q..How do you deal with negative and hateful comments towards your work? 

A..I pay those opinions no mind. I know why I wear makeup, as do the others who choose to do so. There really is no reason to entertain that comment any further, because those who get it, get it. If you want to wear fancy clothes every day or choose to live life au natural, DO YOU BOO! I don’t think anyone should need to explain their individual self-expression or “justify it” to make others feel more comfortable.

Q..How do you feel when you get such positive feedback from your work and the content you put out? 

A..INCREDIBLE! Receiving messages from those I’ve helped has been what keeps me going, and is the reason I’ve never quit! When I read my comments and messages, I’m reminded I’m not alone in the way I feel, and that there is value in my voice and it is heard. My mental health has really been challenged on my journey with social media, and that has been really hard to know how to navigate while trying to spread a message of positivity on my platforms. However, the more transparent I have been and the more I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone by sharing life’s hard moments, the more I notice the positive I’m doing, and it encourages me to continue to share my challenges openly. It’s really scary to share our vulnerable side. But we ALL have one and ignoring it won’t make it go away.

Q..You share so much with your followers, sharing useful information, tips and tricks, is this something you enjoy doing?

A..A lot of what I do now is so second nature that I don’t often think of it as “useful information.” So when I get a chance to share a tip or show someone an application technique, it’s extremely rewarding to receive so much excitement around it! My favourite is when I’m able to get someone to a place of confidence, where they start taking chances and gain the confidence to try new (often bolder) things with their makeup! It’s the absolute BEST feeling because you know they are skills that will change how they feel about themselves and will be building blocks to feeling confident in other areas of their life!

Q..You have been so open in sharing your mental health journey, it is incredible to see such honesty on social media. How are you doing now?

A..I’m just taking life one day at a time and trying to live in the now.
I went through a HUGE transitional phase this past year and am still trying to heal from all the change, and find acceptance in the loss that was experienced. My confidence was shattered in the transition and I just haven’t been able to see myself the same since, and so my only goal right now is to find myself & make her happy 🥰


Q..I cannot master the art of the winged liner, do you have any tips on how to achieve this?!

A..You are FAR from alone here! Winged liner can make or break a look, and there’s often no looking back once you’ve begun. My biggest tip would be to practice during times when you don’t have expectations for how it will turn out.
Trying to add some fierce liner only 30 minutes before you have to be out the door is a good way to lose some hair to stress😬 I highly suggest taking some time to practice different makeup techniques when you’re just hanging around the house and you don’t have to go anywhere. The relaxed setting will help to improve your patience and give you the room to properly practice.

Thank you so much Krystal, it was great speaking to you and hearing your story.  You can find Krystal's Instagram here and Youtube channel here. 
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