8 Things To Consider Before You Start Planning Your Wedding

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Congratulations! You’re engaged. Whether you’re keen to run down the aisle or are opting for a long engagement, your thoughts (or questions from family and friends) will have no doubt turned to thinking about The Big Day. Here, we share the eight simple considerations to make in the earliest stages of planning your special nuptials.

1. The Budget

Although not the most romantic part of planning your big day, setting the budget and considering how much you are willing and wanting to spend is key and will be an important factor in all decisions (which will prove much more fun!) moving forward. It’s worth starting out with an ideal figure, but also having the understanding that it’s likely going to have to inflate as the process progresses.

2. Decide the Date  

More than just a decision to navigate a way around calendar clashes, the date of your wedding day will determine the entire vibe as you decide between spring soiree, summer fiesta, atmospheric autumn nuptials or your very own winter wonderland. Choose the season now, before pulling together the ideal date once other factors, like availability, come into sight.

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3. Plan the Guestlist

Next, back to numbers. Do you want your nuptials to be a sleek family affair or are you thinking of a celebration of royal wedding proportions? Maybe it will just be you, your beau and Elvis in Vegas. Understanding a rough list of numbers and names expected to attend can allow you to move on to the next stage of planning: location, location, location.


4. Choose the Venue

The wealth of options here might feel a little daunting, but it’s likely that together you’ll have a shared understanding of the type of place that you’d like to host your big day. Consider a first choice, with some other backup options in case things don’t work out. Are you looking for several venues, perhaps a church and a local country house? Or does a five-star hotel with celebrations all under one roof feel more suited to the pair of you? Enjoy the process and try and visit as many in the running to get an accurate feel of them all.


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5. Divvy Up Responsibilities  

This isn’t just your day and so it shouldn’t all be your responsibility either. Sit down with your fiance and write a comprehensive to-do list and divide and conquer the planning together. Perhaps group tasks into fun and creative versus admin and financial so one of you doesn’t end up tallying up the bill, while the other is having fun with the party favours.


6. Decide the Dress  

We might be biassed, but this has to be the most exciting part of the process. Will you opt for the exact dress you dreamed of as a little girl or does something like the Nadine Merabi pearl-trimmed Charlotte two-piece suit feel better suited to the bride you are today? Do your research, listen to opinions, but remember that it’s about how it makes you feel, which matters most with this very important outfit choice.


          Image by @sarahmarince on Instagram

7. Think about the Food  

Wedding menus have moved on a lot from the set menus of yesteryear. Couples now have the option of personalising their every serving to ensure that food from canapes to a slice of cake feels distinctly “them.” Understand what your venue’s limitations might be, before perusing all possibilities from street-food vans to haute fine dining. The same applies for your beverages, too. Will you serve the finest French champagne or witty named custom cocktails celebrating your past, present and future?


8. Enjoy It!  

Perhaps the most important factor on this list, your wedding day is said to be the happiest day of your life but that doesn’t come from the months leading up to it becoming completely miserable with admin and finites. If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed with the planning, turn to your soon-to-be betrothed and share your thoughts and decide how you can move forward together. Your day, when it finally comes around, will be all the better for it! Happy planning.