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MERABI Takes London Fashion Week

An Intimate Dinner with NADINE MERABI

If you haven’t been keeping up with our socials or are not signed up for our email newsletter yet (which we highly recommend by the way), you might have missed out on how we took over London Fashion Week this year.

It’s okay though, luckily we have a round-up of everything that went down so you don’t miss all the note-worthy moments.

Photography Credit: @hannahharleyyoungphoto

Our first ever London Fashion Week event was an absolute success and definitely one for the books.

NADINE MERABI hosted a dinner at the luxurious Isabel Mayfair, where we invited major press houses, including Vogue, Marie Claire, GRAZIA and more.

Photography Credit: @hannahharleyyoungphoto

During the event, Nadine took the stage alongside her special guest of honour, baby Ettí, where she shared a heartfelt speech expressing her gratitude for all attendees and everyone who has made NADINE MERABI to what it is today.

Photography Credit: @hannahharleyyoungphoto

As the night went along, guests enjoyed an upbeat atmosphere due to Marcelina Wick’s outstanding playlist. Have you ever seen a more glamorous DJ?
We think she’s pretty up there, she looked incredible in her MILEY Blue.

Photography Credit: @hannahharleyyoungphoto

Beautiful MERABI's were spotted all night long and Team MERABI looked effortlessly stunning as they hosted the evening and fabulously worked their way through the room.

                Photography Credit: @hannahharleyyoungphoto


Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who attended and made it happen.

We hosted the event at the beautiful Isabel Mayfair.

Beautiful photos and videos captured by the talented Hannah Harley Young.

Organisation and planning by PR agency, Lois and the In + Addition Team.

Music provided by DJ Marcelina Wick. 


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