It’s time to ditch your usual…explore the world of creativity and luxury in this stunning nail inspo edit  

Let’s be honest ladies, an outfit is never complete without a fresh manicure.

It can be tricky though, sometimes you have the urge to go all out and impulsively get some avant-garde style nails before giving in and settling for your everyday pretty french tips or nude nails because you want it to match all of your outfits. We’ve all been there.

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with a perfect set of french tips or nude nails, I’m typing this as I am currently on my 5th set of french tips in a row.

You know what they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it but it’s definitely time to explore some glamour outside of the comfort zone…you know…growth and all that good stuff.  

The aim of it all is to get some creativity for your next set while still having the ability to match it to your fits. To make it even better, we’ve got some designs to showcase for you that will match your MERABI, we spoil you!

@paintbucketnails shows us that you can still get creative with your nails while maintaining that simple, yet polished look.

Incorporating a pop of colour into your nail design is the easiest way to get inspired. Whether it’s on just an accent finger or the whole hand, a hint of blue (as shown below) or any other flattering colour, can do wonders for your next manicure and surprisingly, subtly elevate your outfit.

Still unsure about adding some blue hues to your next set? Maybe consider just letting yourself get a bit more experimental with your staple simple nude and white nails. @paintbucketnails adds some funky patterns to otherwise classic nails. We’re talking polka dots, adorable mini love hearts, swirls and a modern take on the french tip.

Got the nail inspo but not the outfit? Come and have a scroll through our site and see if something catches your eye.